[ Dreams come alive in Kenya ]

The Mission

From the moment we set foot in Africa the people there have been looking to us here in the U.S. to help them with their needs. Although Yahweh had led us there to supply their spiritual needs there is always the physical aspect that comes into play.

Yahweh has laid this awesome task upon our shoulders. He does not need us to accomplish his task but, he does call upon his people to see if we will fulfill the second great commandment, Mark 12:31 "The second is this: 'Love your neighbor as yourself.' There is no commandment greater than these." NIV

The people in Kenya were searching for years for someone to come and teach them the more perfect way. If anyone would like to read the introduction (in English) to the Declaration of Beliefs that has been translated into Kiswahili you will be able to grasp the story of how Yahweh led these people to us.

The pictures that you are seeing here are the fulfillment of just a few of the dreams that we as Yahweh's people have been able to help accomplish for the brethren in Africa. Please look over the needs list for the brethren in Africa and if Yahweh lays it upon your heart to give to one of these much needed projects, then please give.

You will be blessed for your gifts.

Progress in Kenya

Since purchasing an automobile for the Kenya ministry, a great deal of progress has been made, as the ministers there have been doing extensive traveling throughout the country, preaching the message of the coming Kingdom of Yahweh. Traveling in Kenya is many times more difficult there, as the roads are in such poor repair, and it can be very dangerous because of criminals who prey upon travelers. The brethren in Kenya greatly appreciate all the support they receive and are especially thankful to those who are contributing special offerings to help individuals with special or critical needs.

We have a responsibility to report the progress being made in Kenya to all who are participating with financial support and prayer. As the ministry has become better structured and basic organization has now been implemented, we will be receiving and posting more regular reports from the elders there. We hope that all who read these reports will be encouraged by the progress being made.

As has been previously reported, Kenya is a very poor country with many people unemployed. Those who do have jobs work for as little as ONE DOLLAR A DAY! And are thankful for that! Needles to say, because of the extreme poverty, the roads are a low priority and in such poor condition that the used vehicle we purchased just over a year ago is already "on its last legs." It would be safe to say that the great majority of the people Yahweh is calling in that country are not in the cities with the only maintained roads. Because they are in the far outlying areas, it is that much more difficult, time consuming, and expensive to visit and preach Yahweh’s Truth. The picture on the right was taken in the middle of a town. Please note that the main street of this town is dirt. This is what you find throughout Kenya. Our trip was long and slow, but when we arrived the people expressed genuine interest in learning the Word of Yahweh. This is what Almighty Yahweh has led the YPTC outreach to accomplish. It requires traveling long distances on poor roads and is taking a heavy toll on the YPTC car. (Not to mention the wear and tear on the elders who are holding up admirably, praise Yahweh!)

The car has pretty much served its useful life. As far as gas and mileage is concerned, it was a good choice. (You think gas is expensive HERE…!) But, as mentioned above, the bulk of the outreach is at the end of one rough road or another so we must turn our attention to finding a newer (used), more appropriate vehicle for the conditions. And so, if anyone is able to contribute towards a more dependable/appropriate vehicle for the ministry, it would be very much appreciated. As has always been our policy at YPTC, every penny contributed and directed to the Kenya ministry will be used there.

While I was there last summer, I went to several car lots and a good, used four wheel drive vehicle (which is what is needed) ran approximately $10,000.00 US. I realize this is a lot of money, but with maintenance costs due to rough conditions and the dangers of breaking down on un-patrolled roads, it is the appropriate amount to spend for a dependable vehicle. We recently heard of a group of ministers (from another outreach organization) who were robbed by thugs while traveling. While a better vehicle may not stop this from happening, it could help minimize the number of breakdowns and the associated dangers.

We are already planning another trip to Kenya just before the Feast of Tabernacles and, Yahweh willing, we would like to purchase the vehicle when we get there. As none of the brethren there are mechanics, nor have much experience in used vehicle purchasing, I would like to oversee the purchase while there to assure as dependable a vehicle as possible. Almighty Yahweh has blessed YPTC to have a very fruitful outreach in Kenya; let us all pray that He will increase its effectiveness to new heights (and safety). Please contribute as you are moved by the Holy Spirit.

We hope these Kenya updates will inspire all who read them and show how Almighty Yahweh is moving in miraculous ways in the lives of the wonderful people there, through His wonderful people here!!

Elder Karl Bloodworth

Pictures of Progress

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2010 Mission Report
KARL AND ROBERT’S TRIP TO KENYA( EAST AFRICA) Shalom brethren. The following is an account of the above mentioned trip of our brothers during the last three weeks. It was on Tuesday, January 12,2010,a bright sunny morning that our distinguished guests arrived as scheduled at the busy Jomo Kenyatta International Airport, which is situated in one of the suburbs of our capital city Nairobi. The brethren who had arrived half an hour earlier waiting for our brothers, were in a jovial mood as the notice board indicated of the arrival of the KLM plane from Amsterdam. Finally the moment came when the brothers emerged from a closet. It was a great joy to see each other face to face after a long time. It was an overwhelming moment as we embraced and hugged each other passionately. About twenty brethren were present to welcome our brothers. Immediately after their arrival, we boarded the van that had been purchased recently by the ministry and headed towards the flat rented for their stay. The flat is situated in a place called Kawangware,a middle class residential area which is about 8miles from the capital. This is where most of the brethren hail from and it was the desire of the brothers to stay close to them, otherwise they could have had another option altogether like to reside or lodge in a five-star hotel just like any other visitor, thus. making them inaccessible to the brethren. Therefore they chose to stoop so low in order to reach the living standard of the brethren here.Infact most people were surprised to notice the special attributes the servants of Yahweh had. These ministers would eat,drink,sleep and even walk like anybody else here. They were always ready to share or socialize with anybody around. Some people who came close to them were so touched in such away that they came to believe the message of salvation and in particular the driver we had hired and traveled everywhere with us was so moved that at long last he exclaimed that he had seen the light of eternity. In the following day after arrival we traveled to Kisii,which is about 380 miles from Nairobi and is on the western side of Kenya. This is one of the longest journeys we ever had. After reaching the town of Kisii,we took off roads for a couple of miles. These are dilapidated rough roads and we finally arrived late evening at deacon Rafael’s home. We shared the word with more than fifty people for two days. This place is called Gesonso and we proceeded toMogonga for the Sabbath service, where more than a hundred people attended the service. The main sermon was delivered by brother Karl and was based in Proverbs 17:17 A friend loveth at all times and a brother is born for adversity. There are friends at fair weather, but a true friend is always sympathetic and shares in one’s feelings, fears and problems. This is true with what Yahshua the messiah did for us when he laid down his life for our sins. The greatest sacrifice ever. Likewise we should follow in his foot steps by caring for the brethren or our neighbours.It was a moving and a challenging message indeed. Also brother Mumira reminded us of the importance of the sacred names of our heavenly father Yahweh and our savior Yahshua the messiah in true worship and that we should never give the glory of Yahweh to the mighty ones of the nations as Isaiah 42:8 reads I am Yahweh: that is my name: and my glory will I not give to another, neither my praise to graven images. Brother Robert told us that in order to inherit the promises of Yahweh and live a victorious life we must live and walk in the spirit. Galatians 5:16 This I say then, walk in the spirit and you shall not fulfill the lust of the flesh. Verse 25:If we live in the spirit, let us also walk in the spirit. The following day after the Sabbath, we embarked on the journey back to Nairobi in the flat which we used as a base for the brothers to rest. And since the schedule was so tight, we could only rest for a night and at sunrise we headed to another destination called Bomet which is a region situated in the vast Rift Valley province renown for it’s rich agricultural soils and is also the main bread basket of our country Kenya. This region is distinctive from other regions as the word of Yahweh is readily believed and there are five locations with a couple of believers each. One might relate the people here with those noble Bereans who believed Paul’s message and searched the scriptures for clarity, for the people here asked many constructive questions concerning the faith. The five locations are Kapkatet, Kapsimbili, Norera, Saoset and Sogoo.It was a mind boggling affair trying to schedule for all these places with limited time .assigned for the region. All this we managed to accomplish during the second week of our mission. This was mostly made possible by the fact that we traveled aboard the ministry’s newly purchased van which always ensured punctuality unlike during the previous time when we used the inefficient public transport. Now on reaching Bomet town, we began by a place called Kapkatet which is about 8 miles from the town and spent the night teaching. Next morning we had more teachings and proceeded to the nearby pool for baptism where the couple that had hosted us was immersed. These were Mr&Mrs Sammy Lagat.From here we went to Kapsimbili which is near Bomet town and we were hosted by a brother Edward Kosgei.Here we met a group of people who had been deceived by the man Peter, a former YPTC elder who had caused the ministry a lot of trouble last year. These people had now resolved to come back to the YPTC in full swing. We held a questions and answers session over the night and the following morning eleven people were baptized in the nearby river. After all this was done we embarked on another long journey towards the interior to a place called Norera.The brethren here are unique because they seemed more compassionate than any other places we traveled before. For unlike in some places where we provided our own food and also feed the people, the few brethren here were very generous by providing everything for us and exceeded by presenting us gifts. We had a wonderful moment there, although they took us to a nearby house with a paralyzed young man whom we anointed with oil and prayed Yahweh to heal the man. There were about twenty people in number. Since time was against us and we were determined to reach yet another destination before it was dark, we hurriedly left and headed to saoset.The going here was getting tough through rough and dusty terrains with the van moving at a snail’s pace. However we finally arrived at the place. Most of the brethren here formerly belonged to other groups like House of Yahweh,Assemblies,COG7 etc.Infact the previous time brother Karl was here, these people had many questions of which most were hypothetical but this time round they had been convicted of the truth and they only needed word of inspiration and encouragement. And since the Bomet region is so vast, we realized the task ahead to be enormous; we therefore considered that more workers were needed for the vineyard of Yahweh. We resolved that two men of good report among the brethren should be ordained to take up the task. Julius Rono,a traveling evangelist and Simon sesat were ordained as deacons. Here we also baptized four people in Yahshua’s name. We left here on Friday afternoon and the Sabbath drew nigh. We always tried to keep time but the road to the next destination was the toughest and longest terrain ever. By the grace of Yahweh we managed to arrive before dark at SOGOO HIGH SCHOOL where one of the brethren is a teacher and had already organized a meeting with the students. That night we addressed more than two hundred students assembled in a big hall. In the following morning we held the Sabbath service at the school, where brothers Karl and Robert were given the privilege to teach. There was also a questions and answers session in the afternoon. It was a great and an overwhelming experience to all of us and even the students were so convicted that most of them confessed to follow the true worship.i.e to serve Yahweh in truth and in spirit and never use again the names of baal (mighty ones of nations).Here we also ordained brother Andrew Kirui who is a teacher and our host into the position of a deacon. We spent the night at the brothers house and the following day being Sunday, we traveled back to Nairobi for at least a days rest in the flat. Now two weeks are gone and we have barely two weeks left with so much to cover. Therefore on Monday we embarked on the journey towards the other side of the Rift Valley and we passed by Naivasha and there was a sweet re-union with the brethren who had departed YPTC due to Peter, a former elder who was causing trouble everywhere. They restored the property there to the YPTC including the meeting hall, the plot and the water tank YPTC had built earlier. Later in the day we managed to travel to Njoro which is about 150 miles from Nairobi and arrived at the evening. We rested and the next morning we held a service and the brethren were encouraged from the scriptures and we also anointed a sister who had lost her sight hoping that Yahshua would have mercy upon her. During this third and last leg of our journey, things were really getting tough for most of us fell sick due to changes in weather and diet. Our stomachs became trouble but Yahweh healed us later. From here we proceeded to a place near the complex Mau forest where Julius’ mother stays. We found her very tormented by evil spirits which had haunted her homestead. She narrated of how she could not sleep for a whole month and would always hear voices of unseen people. We prayed for her and rebuked and cast out the demons in Yahshua’s name. From here we went to a place called Marigo where we were hosted by a family who were victims of the previous post-election violence. The area seemed so dry with no signs of any crop-harvest. Most of the areas we had visited are dependent on farming and this was the most drought-hit area. They said the last harvest was two years ago and as a result there is an acute farming there. We had some teachings from the scriptures and also prayed for the rains in order to salvage the few crops left in the land. We went back to the flat in Nairobi and with a day or two left in the schedule we decided to visit the homes of the brethren around Limuru and among those we visited the home of one sister who was bereaved of her beloved son and consoled the whole family. During the Sabbath day ,the last of our travel, the service was held at Limuru meeting hall. The attendance was about hundred people. Sunday 31st January was the last day with our brothers here for their flight was scheduled for 11.00 pm.During the day time we prepared a small banquet where all our elders, deacons and their families had a memorable moment and prayers together. And finally the time came when we escorted our dear brothers to the airport for their flight back home. The whole mission proved to be but just a great success unlike in the previous time when we had trouble everywhere within the ministry. The three weeks went very fast due to the enormous task here, that they only seemed but only a few days. We would like to acknowledge the good work that the brethren in America have wrought through their generous contributions towards the success of this trip. You have also helped us purchase the van, without which it would have been impossible to cover all the areas and reach the people and also for the enormous expenditures during the whole trip. May Yahweh bless you all as you strive to serve Him. 2John 8:Look to yourselves, that we lose not those things which we have wrought, but we receive a full reward. 1Corinthians 15:58 Therefore my beloved brethren, be you stedfast,unmoveable,always abounding in the work of Yahshua,for as much as you know that your labour is not in vain in the messiah. Mumira.