[ Appeal From Kenya for Feast of Unleavented Bread ]

Desperate Appeal From African Brethren, Please Help Us Keep the Feast

This e-mail was sent Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Shalom In Yahshua's Name,

We pray you are all well in Yahweh, and our sustainer and Redeemer continues to Pasture you in greener fields. Kenya is well and Peace is almost restored in most areas. The constitution has been ammended to accomodate the winner and the looser in what they are reffering to as a Grand Coalition Goverment. All in all, what is needed is peace and we pray Kenya will go back to its former glory of the Haven of Peace in a troubled Africa.

This country has always been poor financially and prices of all commodities has escalated due to the post election chaos. We have been persistently asking brethren to contribute towards the expences of the Passover and Unleavened bread. In normal circumstances the budget will go in excess of 500 dollars when Believers here contribute food stuff and anything Yahweh provides. This time around it will be far much in excess due the the inflation. Besides, there is drought and rains have not been forthcoming. Adding to the fact that some brethren are still in Internally Displaced Camps, we, the leaders are greatly concerned that we may not be able to keep the feasts.

The feast days of Yahweh, as we understand are days of rest and we keep them similar to the way we observe the weekly sabbath. We would love it if Yahweh provides to have extra special Meals (Feast) to typify the spiritual nourishment and power that the people of Yahweh's Truth is scheduled to receive in the near future . We appeal to the brethren in America and anywhere else to come to our aid to make this solemn occacion a reality.

This is the time when brethren are equipped to face the world without fear. This is the time when people are recharged in their walk of Faith. Please help us realize this set-apart goal.

Yahweh bless you

Peter, Moses, and Mumira

If anyone is able to help, even it is only 10 or 20 dollars to please send it to our address with a note that it is for the Feast in Africa.

PO Box 547
Loganville, GA. 30052

This is a plea to everyone reading this. All funds that are contributed will go to Africa. So please help -- even if it only the widows mite, Yahweh will return the blessing to you.

If you have any questions please call at the toll free number: 888-FOR-YPTC (367-9782).