[ Crisis in Kenya ]

The following e-mail was recieved from the brethren in Kenya on Tuesday, February 19, 2008:

Shalom Bro Karl,

We do pray you are all well.Kenya is calm, at least for now because the war-lords have called for a cease-fire pending the outcome of negotiations chaired by Koffi Annan, former UN secretary General.

The ministry is doing well,and though we cannot meet with the brethren in Kisii and Nandi like Andrew, we are in constant communication and believe we will be able to be together for Passover and UB [Feast of Unleavened Bread].

We had a meeting with the other men last sabbath and spent the night together in prayer. We would request you at least let us know when you travel to Israel so we let others know we cannot say the tentative dates for the feasts until the barley is observed.

Maybe by the end of this month we will have generated enough funds to buy a generator and we are assured we will use the PA during days of UB.

As Peace gladually returns, there is a group wanting to meet us in Njoro, a few kilometers past Nakuru. We are studying the situation and as soon as it is calm we will resume our travels. At least Kisii is still calling.

So Shabbat shalom and greet all the brethren during service

Yahweh bless you,


The person named Njenga in Peter's Letter below is his son whom he just sent to boarding school in Koru where there is a lot of trouble. This is the first time he has been away from home and now they can not get to him. This has to be very taxing on him and his wife. Njenga is only about 10 or 11.

The following e-mail was recieved from on Friday, January 04, 2008:

Shalom Brother Karl.

Long time no see. I hope all is well you end. Here all hell has broken loose and peace is most needed. People are killing one another mercilessly. I am praying without ceasing peace may come back. Many would not attend sabbath services last week and it may also be the same this week as many will not leave their homes.

Yet Yahweh's word gives us solace. Proverbs 3:11 says, My son despise not the chastening of Yahweh Neither be weary of his correction.

Affliction may come to every beleiver. Adversity, difficulty, pain, and trouble are the tools of Yahweh to correct our faults and perfect us. Instead of resenting His chastening or tiring of the setbacks He sends our way, we should rejoice that He loves us and wants to perfect us. If He left us alone, then we would be bastards, and not sons (Heb 12:7-8)!

No one likes affliction, difficulties, or trouble. These are things we try to avoid as much as possible in life. But Yahweh sends them in love, for He is able to use them to teach us more than peace and prosperity could ever teach us. Good times feel great, but they never made anyone better. Hard times feel bad, but they make us stronger and wiser.

It is easy to fret against Yahweh, to say, “Yahweh, why did you send this into my life?” It is easy to say He is not fair – you do not deserve such trouble. It is easy to get discouraged and think of quitting your Messianic race. Job fell for these thoughts. But Elihu told Job he was wrong, Yahweh was right, and Job could end the painful lessons by humbling himself.

There are four reasons bad things happen to a Believer. He is being chastened for sin in his life; he is suffering the natural consequences of his own foolishness; he is being tested to build his faith; or Yahweh is simply manifesting His own glory in his life. The purpose of self-examination is to analyze our circumstances to find Yah’s lesson in them. Once a man knows the matter is an act of Yahweh, he should humbly submit to it and rejoice in it.

Am having a most difficult time in my walk of Faith. Am wondering why Yahweh had Njenga be in Koru at a time like this. It may be a long time before we can even travel for the ministry. My brothers are camping in police stations. Belivers have lost hard earned belongings and continue to do so.

Please pray for the ministry in Kenya,

Yahweh bless you


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First Notice from Kenya

The following e-mail was recieved from the brethren in Kenya on Monday, December 31, 2007:

Shalom Bro Karl

We are well and pray you are too. However this country has plunged into chaos and needs lots of prayers. After the elections were announced and the incumbent declared as the winner, chaos erupted almost everywhere. People have lost property and lives continue to be lost. Our brothers in Koru have left their homes and when we were there last, the house I slept in has been torched. Communication is hard and shops are closed. There are riots in most towns. Please pray that Yahweh will intercede. We will not be able even to travel until peace has been restored.

Yahweh bless you

Peter, Moses, Mumira

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