[ Psalms and Selected Scriptures ]

We are pleased to announce that the YPTC publication Psalms and Selected Scriptures 2nd Edition is now available for distribution. This 155 page book is a revision of the 1901 American Standard Version of the Bible. The Sacred names were reinserted into the translation and the archaic English has been brought up to date. Each individual edit was exhaustively researched in multiple translations and the Hebrew Scriptures were consulted before changes were made. Many prayerful hours were devoted to making this the best offering we could.

This book is used in the YPTC worship service for devotions, and opening and closing the weekly Sabbath and holy days. The project was undertaken to promote unity in worship services during congregational reading. Extra blank pages are included in the front and back for notes.

If you would like to preview the text, please visit The Book of Psalms online. This reference work contains all 150 chapters of the book of Psalms, but currently does not contain the other selected scriptures that are in the Psalms and Selected Scriptures.

For those dedicated brethren and seekers of Yahweh’s Truth who are interested, individual copies of this book can be obtained for a donation of $8.00 each. This offering reflects the cost to produce the book and includes shipping and handling throughout the US mainland. Call for shipping costs elsewhere or for small quantity shipments: 888-FOR-YPTC.

Online ordering is via PayPal. Click on PayPal logo below to order.

Excerpt from Psalms and Selected Scriptures