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8/2/2018 Pro 15:3 The eyes of Yahweh are everywhere, keeping watch on the wicked and the good.

People often believe they are acting in secret. They hide actions from their parents, spouse, neighbors, work associates, and friends. They attempt to do certain activities without others knowing about them. But Yahweh sees. His eyes are in every place. We may not fully understand how he does this, but we must accept the fact that we can hide nothing from Him. He is observing both our nice neighbors and those neighbors who commit crimes. He sees what we do when we do it. We can hide nothing from Him. The thought of Yahweh seeing should regulate our every action. It should cause us to take care and caution with our words and behavior. It should encourage us to behave wisely–in ways that are acceptable to Him. Knowing that He is watching should be another source of encouragement to always do the right thing. May Yahweh guide you as you consider His view of you.

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