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12/06/2018 1 Pet 1:22 Love one another deeply, from the heart.

We all know that love was the core of the message of our Savior and Redeemer. Love was something that the scribes and Pharisees of His day did not evidently understand. However, His disciples did. Peter tells us not merely to love one another, but to do so deeply, that is fervently. eagerly, zealously, feverishly, energetically, actively, heartily, devotedly. Our love for one another can never be indifferent or unsympathetic, or uncaring. Our love must be sincere and passionate. Our love must be honest and genuine. Our love must match the love Yahshua had for us when He shed His blood and gave His life as a ransom for our sins. If your love does not measure up to the example of love left for us by Yahshua, develop it by practicing fervent love for your brothers and sisters each day. Show care and concern for them. Offer support whenever possible. Be eager and zealous of every opportunity to show and express love for others in general. Open your heart. In doing so, not only will they enter your heart, but Yahweh and Yahshua can find a place there as well.

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