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This page is provided as an informational service for members and people of good faith.

Caution should be exercised in using these links as some information found throughout these sites may not be in accordance with personal belief and/or may express opinions that are contrary to our understanding of the Scriptures.

We are including these links because they provide varied sources of useful information of general interest to enhance our study and understanding of biblically-related topics and themes.

Finally, please note that YPTC is a non-profit entity and therefore does not necessarily endorse opinions and/or religious/political views presented on these sites.

Other YPTC Sites

Temple Mount

The links below provide information on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. Check out the western Wall live Cam and the virtual tour of the Mount. Best if viewed with a broadband connection. Please be aware that these are not sites that necessarily present a Messianic Jewish perspective.

Israel Sites

These next links are extremely interesting and informative sites that contain a wealth of information on a variety of subjects.

New Moon Info

General Resources