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11/30/2019 Job 14:10-12 But man dies and is laid low; he breathes his last and is no more. As water disappears from the sea or a riverbed becomes parched and dry, so man lies down and does not rise; till the heavens are no more, men will not awake or be roused from their sleep. Our existence, our human life, is not limitless. We are finite beings, unlike our Creator who is eternal. As human beings, we have a beginning, or birth, an intermediate segment, where we grow, develop and mature, and an end, where our life ceases to exist. What do we do with the fixed time that Yahweh has given to us will determine what’s in store when we cease to exist? As Job states, our human lives end and we then lie prostrate until the end of this age—waiting for the resurrection and judgment from Yahweh. Those who wisely use their time on earth do have an opportunity to a second life—a life without end. That life is the one we all look forward to. That life will be without pain and suffering. In that life, there will be no crying nor mourning. Wise use of your time involves extending yourself to others. It requires doing for others wherever you see a need. Wise use of your life is simply defined as loving Yahweh first and then loving your neighbor as yourself. Love is at the core. Are you exhibiting love in every facet of your daily life? Do you show your love for Yahweh through obedience to His commandments, always acting, thinking and behaving as if He were always standing next to you? Do you show love for your neighbor by doing things for him even when you are not directly obligated to do so or even when you do not feel like it? The wise man and wise woman display love at all times even when it is not convenient or profitable to do so. Today, wisely use the limited time you have by showing love to all those you interact with.

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