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Daily Devotional for November 25, 2020
Watch and pray so that you will not fall into temptation. The spirit is willing, but the body is weak. Mark 14:38
When Yahshua went into Gethsemane to reflect on the difficult mission ahead of Him, He asked Peter, Jacob and John to accompany Him. He wanted some company during what He knew would be His final few hours on earth. He decided to take a few moments to pray alone and asked them to wait for Him. However, they all fell asleep.
He knew that they wanted to stay awake for His sake, but were physically unable to do so. He also warned them that they had to able to overcome physical weaknesses in order to gain spiritual strength.
The same holds true for us. We all know what it feels like to become so sleepy that nothing prevents you from going into a state of total slumber. Under normal circumstances, this is necessary and even refreshing. However, from a spiritual perspective, we must never become sleepy or weary. We must always be alert, attentive and vigilant. We must overcome the flesh instead of allowing the flesh to overcome us.
Use the spiritual power Yahshua left for us in the form of the Holy Spirit to overcome any sense of malaise that afflicts you. The spirit is always willing and available to help you.

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