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Stay away from a foolish man, for you will not find knowledge on his lips. Prov 14:7
If you desire to grow in all areas of your life, you must exercise great caution in those you include in your circle of influence. Fools are those who consciously make wrong choices with little regard to the outcome. They do not take the time to think through their actions. They do what they want to do, when they want to do it and wherever they so desire and hope for the best. Being in the constant presence of such people can only bring about your destruction.
We can never allow ourselves to think ourselves to be better than you. However, it is also true that we are better than that. Not only must we not be foolish ourselves, we must avoid associations with fools. Being around fools impede your ability to acquire knowledge. Fools will impair your personal, vocative and spiritual growth. They make it difficult for you to see clearly because they constantly are crying aloud for you to join them in their foolish behavior. Eliminate fools from your life. This will increase your understanding and discernment and make you a better person.

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